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Your Business

We love to help businesses. We are exceptionally good at it, and in more ways than you realise.


Whether it is enhancing your employee benefits by looking after them, protecting what matters or by working with our sister company Businessbox to improve your performance, we have all bases covered.

Are you to key to your business? What happens if you are unable to work? Will everything get done? Protect your business by protecting the key people in it. 

No-one likes paying for insurance so make sure what you have protects you, your business, your family and all what matters most.

At ascentium, we work with business to ensure things keep going.... that's just smart.

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Ensure your business doesn't fail if the unexpected happens. Talk to us to ensure you are apprpriately protected for lwhen things don't go your way.

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Employee Benefits

Be more than just a salary to your employees. Providing additional benefits can reap greater rewards... and often at no cost to you. Find out how. 

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Want to improve but don't know where to begin?


We help you on how to achieve your goals.

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