Ascentium is a full suite Advisory and Business Performance organisation that includes partners with vast experience in small business ownership through to large corporate CEO's, Operational and Divisional Heads.


How we help achieve the goals can be broken down to three fundamental cores:

Performance. Surety. Growth

Our tag line “Performance. Surety. Growth.” Is more than a tagline. It is the pillars of how we help our customers. We are an organisation that helps beyond the traditional advisory and beyond the numbers. We provide expert support for all functions and aspects of your business. 

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How do you make all aspects of your business perform? Are you strong in technology but not in process? or strong in managing staff but not product or service sourcing. We can help.

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Compliance and protection is essential to the on-going viability of your business. We experts in helping you meet obligations and protect your business, family & wealth from adverse events.



Want to grow but don't know how? We help you on how to achieve your goals.